March 2019 Lecture Report ~ Beijing China

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March 2019 Lecture Report ~ Beijing China

■Lecturer:Hidetsugu Izuo、translator
■Contents:Small face correction、Pelvic correction

This time, not only women who came from China, but also women living in Singapore participated.

(Students’ Career)
→ 8-year esthetic salon management in China
→ 8 years management in body care salon in Singapore
→ Postpartum women are working at a facility where they stay for one month for medical treatment


Students were very enthusiastic about the lesson to acquire appropriate techniques.

One woman said that she wanted to be a good model for her daughter.Her hard work is wonderful.

The next course is April.
To new students. I look forward to seeing you in Beijing.


● Why do not you realize small facial correction class in your area?
Shanghai / Guangzhou / Chengdu / Zhengzhou / Hong Kong / Taiwan / Singapore / Malaysia realize small face correction classes?Our school will go to your area.Let’s realize a joint class with our school.Please inquire from the request page.
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