Realize small facial correction classes in your country / region

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Realizing small face correction classes in your preferred country / region

Our school (Japan / Beijing) will work with beauty companies or schools that want to introduce small face correction classes in the future in the desired country / region.

※ This school is a school dedicated to female students.

A Japanese school director will go to the desired country / region and give classes.

▼ Country / region where business trip classes are possible

Singapore / Malaysia ◆ Shanghai / Guangzhou / Chengdu and Hong Kong / Taiwan etc

Please contact us if you are a person at a beauty company or school who would like to implement Japanese small face correction classes in your preferred country / region.

※ There is a limit to the countries / regions where classes can be realized, so please contact us as soon as you wish. If the number of countries / regions reaches the upper limit, the reception will be closed.

If the country / region reaches the upper limit, it will be closed.

Please see the website for details of our school.

Please apply / inquire from the form to apply for class realization.

● Let’s realize the small face correction class in cooperation with our school!
Shanghai / Guangzhou / Chengdu / Zhengzhou / Hong Kong / Taiwan / Singapore / Malaysia etc. The director will go to your area.Let’s realize a joint class with our school.Please inquire from the request page.〜We are waiting for inquiries.