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Fostering state-of-the-art small facial correction

※ This program is a beauty training program for women students.

I will explain the contents of the small face correction program.

In the development of small face correction, remarkably small face effect, the duration of the effect is a long-term, high safety, there is also a comfort of treatment (skull correction pain Yes)、We are doing training of small face correction which combines the five elements necessary for excellent small face correction that the recall rate of small face effect when treatment learned is very high.

Small face using unique correction method that applies both “face elimination” of facial collapse and “face symptom amelioration” by surface adverse effect to realize small facial correction with five excellent elements I will train orthodontics.


Eliminate the cause of disturbance such as swelling and sagging in your face such as poor circulation of muscles due to daily fatigue and stress, bite habit, eyestrain, eccentric habits such as getting good on your cheeks, etc. Correct the skull and facial bone to improve symptoms such as size becoming larger, Ella stretched, cheeks appearing, nose distorted, face distorted, beefulness of the head and so on to correct and lead to improvement.

Effect of small face correction

Examples of the actual treatment effect of this small face correction program are as follows. (There are individual differences in treatment effect ※)

· Correcting facial distortion
· Elimination of swelling
· Elimination of sagging
· Sharpen the face line
· Improvement of Ella
· Improvement of the protrusion of the cheekbones
· Headache improvement
· Nose ridges pass through, nose looks high
· Correct eye height
Correction of mouth inclination
Correct eyebrow height
· Rejuvenation of skin age
· The make-up of makeup got better


The small face effect is remarkable, and it is a big appeal of this technology that the duration of the effect is longer than other small facial correction.

Small facial correction program aims to train facial correctors who provide satisfaction to our customers with treatment that maximizes the beauty of each woman born.


After completing the small face correction training curriculum, it is possible to issue a certificate of small face corrector.

If you have completed the curriculum for all facial development of small facial correction and pelvic correction, certificates of small face corrector, pelvis corrector, and cosmetic surgeon can be issued.

Technical level after attendance

Upon completion of the program, the skill level of the students will be improved to the level where you can immediately use the technology for your work.

In fact, students who have completed the training program are using the technology for their work by opening a salon and working at a salon within two months after completing the program.


Academy under training

Japan Small Face Orthodontists Development School / International Certification

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