Education of face-slimming realignment (face-slimming osteopathy)

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International face-slimming realignment (face-slimming osteopathy) therapist training program

※ This training program is open to only female students.

There are 5 factors which make the face-slimming effects great; giving most significant face-slimming effects, long lasting effects, safety, comfortableness of the treatment, high reproducibility of the face-slimming effect treated by our students. We educate and train the students for the face-slimming realignment techniques (face-slimming osteopathy) utilizing these essential 5 factors to make this technique great for face-slimming treatment.

In order for our face-slimming realignment treatment which satisfies the 5 essential factors to maximize the effects, we use distinctive alignment method to “fix the cause” of the distortion of the face area and “improvement of the symptoms” cause by the original distortion. We teach this face-slimming realignment technique to our students.


We will fix the cause of swelling and sagging of your face caused by bad circulation and stress from daily fatigue, biting habit, fatigue on your eyes, bad posture such as resting your chin on your hand, and realign and improve the resulting symptoms such as enlargement of your face size, bigger check bones and distorted nose line and face.

face-slimming realignment

Effect of face-slimming realignment (face-realignment osteopathy)

The following are examples of the effective area of the face-slimming realignment treatment from our program (* Please note that the outcomes of the treatment varies from person to person)

・Realignment of the distortion of your face
・Improvement in the swelling
・Improve sagged skin
・Improve the face line slimmer
・Improve the shape of square jaw
・Improve the shape of high cheekbone
・Improve the shape of top of the cranium
・Have defined nose, deeply set nose feature
・Improve the position of the eyes
・Improve the angle of lips
・Improve the position of the eyebrows
・Rejuvenate skin age
・Make-up sits better, etc.

The great advantage of this technique is a significant face-slimming effects and long lasting time of the effect compared to other face-slimming technique.

Under our face-slimming realignment (face-slimming osteopathy) training program, we will teach students the techniques which provide great satisfaction to the customers with the treatment to bring out each woman’s natural beauty.


The certification of the international face-slimming realignment therapist can be issued after the completion of our curriculum for face-slimming realignment training.

The certification of the international face-slimming realignment therapist, international pelvis realignment therapist and international shape-up body realignment therapist can be issued after the completion of our all training curriculums for face-slimming realignment course and pelvis realignment course.

Skill level after the completion of the course

Our students will be trained to a high technical level. Therefore, upon completion of our program, students can start the treatment they learned right away.

For example, some of our students has already established their salon or started to work at salon within 2 months of their completion of our program.

Introducing some of the techniques in video


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Information on Japan face-slimming realignment (face-slimming osteopathy) therapist training school

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Our school is looking for a company or academia to cooperate in the education business of face-slimming realignment therapist training in Japan

Let’s collaborate with our school and bring our face-slimming class to your location.

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We are looking forward to collaborating with you to set up collaborative courses. Please inquire of us on the “inquiry” page on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.