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Japan Headquarters School Online Class

Class format
The online course of Japan Headquarters school is for one student per lesson.
Group lessons are not possible.

※ Our school is designated for female only. Our school program is design to educate female students.

Online lessons use ZOOM.
Students need to have two screens, one to watch the video and one to show me what they are.

The role of the two device screens
1,Device to watch lessons
2,A device to show your practice scene to the director

Requires 2 Zoom accounts
Students need two zoom accounts to access Academy Zoom from two devices.
Please create two Zoom accounts in advance. .


An interpreter is included in the Japan class.

 On the day of the online class, please be sure to join the class with someone who will be a practice model. 

Request / Inquiry Form to Apply for Online Classes at Japan School

Class schedule
Online classes are held by appointment from Monday to Sunday.

Students should contact the school through the booking form with the dates of their desired online classes.

Class time
The online course fee 6 hours 1 day

The following is a guide to the class time schedule.
For countries with a large time difference in Japan, the class time schedule will be applied taking into account the realistic activity time zone in both countries.

Class fee
・ 194000 JPY (+Paypal fee)
・Student country currency

The above tuition fee includes the interpreter’s fee.

Tuition fees will be settled with PayPal.
Your email address is required by paypal.

Currencies that can be used with Paypal

Australia , Singapore , Malaysia , Poland , United States ,England etc


Payment method

①The director sends a tuition billing email to students from Paypal

②Students should follow Paypal’s instructions to complete the tuition payment process.

Immediate settlement (Remittance within about 10 minutes)

③School director confirms the receiving of the class fee via Paypal.

I will issue a certificate when the class is over.
・国際 準小顔矯正師

International shipping to your home.

Class application
It is a reservation system.
Coordinate the dates for me, you, the interpreter and the model.

Online classes are held by appointment from Monday to Sunday.

If you apply for online classes, please tell us the date you would like to book.

Course content

Contents of the Japan School Online class


Hidetsugu Izuo / Director
・Director of Japan face-slimming alignment therapist training school
・Director of Shingetsu women’s training school for body alignment therapist
・Director of Shingetsu body alignment clinic (Female only salon)
Medical history: More than 20 years, multiple women only salon management
Practitioner education: More than 16 years
Media publication: Magazines for major women, books, DVDs
Profile Detail Page

・Face-slimming realignment

Online classes at Japan School are regular full classes. It’s not just the basics.

Face-slimming realignment course The outline

The theory a muscle adjustment, bones correction and skin are activated and by which they’re an acupuncture point for a small facial correction course, it’s compound, you can learn the most suitable small facial correction as technology of the female operation person who takes in, does “cancellation of the cause” and “improvement of the symptom” of a swelling of your face and a warp and shows the small facial effect to the full. The small facial effect is remarkable, and the continuation period of the effect is long-term, and safety is high, and there is also pleasure of the operation, and you can learn the technology with the very high reproduction rate of the small facial effect when Mr. learned student operated.

The following are examples of the effective area of the face-slimming realignment treatment from our program (* Please note that the outcomes of the treatment varies from person to person)

・Realignment of the distortion of your face
・Improvement in the swelling
・Improve sagged skin
・Improve the face line slimmer
・Improve the shape of square jaw
・Improve the shape of high cheekbone
・Improve the shape of top of the cranium
・Have defined nose, deeply set nose feature
・Improve the position of the eyes
・Improve the angle of lips
・Improve the position of the eyebrows
・Rejuvenate skin age
・Make-up sits better, etc.

At the school in Japan, classes can be conducted in multiple language such as Chinese (Pekingese, Cantonese) , English, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai.

The textbooks correspond to English and Japanese and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional).
Send the PDF data to you.

from online class application to date
① Students enter the required information and send the application form.

② The school confirms the schedule of the director, interpreter, and cooperators of the class.

③ After the class schedule is decided, students should remit the class fee.

④ The director of the school confirms the payment of the tuition fee.

⑤ Confirm the holding of the class.

⑥ The director will send the textbook PDF data to the students.

⑦ We will hold a class

Application / Inquiry for Japan School Online Class

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    are you a female? ※Our school is a school dedicated to women.
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    I need two devices for the class. Do you accept it?
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    Online classes require one practice model for you. Do you agree?
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    Online class is a system to reserve and apply for the desired date from Monday to Sunday. Do you agree?
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