Face-slimming realignment (actual treatment and effect of face-slimming osteopathy)

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Face-slimming realignment (the actual procedure of the treatment of face-slimming osteopathy)

Before we conduct the treatment, we do counseling
We ask you questions about the problem area’s on your face that you want to improve.
Small face correction treatment: Counseling: Japan Small Face Correction School

Realignment around your neck
We will treat your neck which is necessary to gain a better effect on your face-slimming realignment.
This treatment realigns the neck muscles which have great affect on your sagging face-line and entire face as well as realigning the distorted neck.
Treatment of small face correction: neck / cervical treatment: Japan small facial correction school

Face-slimming realignment (face-slimming osteopathy, face-line realignment)
We will realign facial features mainly focusing on the features shaping up, effects on face line slimmer, realignment of muscles of facial expression which have great effects on the balance of the right and left side of the face. After facial treatment have been done followed by skull treatment, we carefully treat masticatory muscle and facial expression muscle to touch up for better feature of the face in addition to face-slimming.
Small face correction practice: Contour straightening: Japan small facial correction school

Face-slimming realignment (face-slimming osteopathy, facial shape-up realignment)
To add to the effect of previous face-slimming feature realignment treatment, we will next perform facial shape-up realignment which has a great effect on the nose line, cheek height, eye position, mouth line and face lift-up.

Scull /facial bone realignment
Finally, we perform skull realignment applying deep pressure on the appropriate spots using whole body and arms to align the facial side of skull which consist’s of parietal region, temporal region, occipital region, eye sockets, cheek bone and jaw like puzzle, to shape up the face slimmer.

※ The class for the skull realignment procedure is conducted only when requested by customer because some part’s of the procedure involve pain.

Small face correction practice: Skull correction: Japan Small face correction school

After the treatment, we ask customers to confirm the effect by comparing picture of before and after treatment.
Small face correction treatment: confirmation of effect: Japan Small Face Correction School

Face-slimming realignment (face-slimming osteopathy)

Face-slimming realignment (The face-slimming procedure you learn from our “face-slimming osteopathy therapist training program” can expect following effects).

・Realignment of the distortion of your face
・Improved reduction in swelling
・Improved sagging skin
・Improve slimmer face line.
・Have defined nose, deeply set nose feature
・Improve the position of the eyes
・Improve the angle of the lips
・Improve the position of the eyebrows
・Rejuvenate skin age
・Make-up sits better, etc.

How long does it take to visibly see the effect of the face-slimming ?

Most of the time, the face-slimming effect is easily confirmed after the first treatment. Please note that as we explained about the effectiveness of the face-slimming, if the effect is not recognizable after the first treatment, you may see the effect after 2nd treatment.

The effect of the face-slimming realignment that we train with at our face-slimming realignment therapist training program has a characteristic that you can verify the effect even right after the treatment but it gets better after several hours or next day most of the time.

Although many face-slimming techniques exist, there are not many techniques where you can expected the face-slimming effect on the next day after the treatment.

Voices from our customers

・Female 33 year old
After 2nd face-slimming realignment, I went to the cosmetic shop and received the test to measure the skin age. The result showed that my face skin metabolism is very high and praised by a salesperson. She said that it is rare to see the improvement of the metabolism in this short term (4 weeks). My skin got clearer than before and moisture contents also improved better than my age.

・Female 28 year old
After treatment, it got easier for me to smile naturally because my chin line got slimmer and my lip movement got smoother. While I was receiving the treatment, I felt that my body was tenderized with some comfort and some pain. After the treatment, I felt that my metabolism went up. After 2nd treatment, I was surprised by the visible change of my face line.

・Female 35 year old
When I look at the picture which taken after the first treatment, I was surprised to see the obvious change in the length of my face. (my family was also surprised to see the pictures taken before and after the treatment). Since 2nd treatment showed more significant effect than first time, I look forward to going to the next treatment. I feel it is a bonus that I can gain both face-slimming and get relief from tense muscle at the same time. My eyes used to be a different size from each other but now they have improved and are of similar size.

・Female 41 year old
Previously, I used to go to receive face-slimming realignment at a famous salon which required shorter treatment time and frequent visiting, but I changed from that salon to here because I could see at (this salon) the face- slimming effect. What I like about this salon is that they take the time and carefully process the treatment. Of course, the face-slimming effect is significant and even my family is surprised about the changes in my face size. From now on, I am sure I will stay with here (this salon) for my face-slimming realignment.


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