Education for pelvic correction

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Comprehensive correction to adjust the pelvis effectively

※This program is a beauty training program for women students.

Education of technology to comprehensively correct the shape (distortion) of the spine, hip joint, lower limb, and knee joint for effectively regulating pelvic distortion

The pelvic correction that we will tell is to make sure the corrective effect on the shape (distortion) of the spine, hip joint, lower limb, knee joint which influences the pelvic distortion is obtained firmly and the sustaining power of the correction effect becomes high I am telling you the treatment technique to rectify the pelvis by comprehensively correcting the spine, correcting the pelvis, correcting the hip joint, correcting the knee joint, and correcting the lower limbs.

For females, pelvic strain is cold · menstrual pain · constipation · lower body fat, swollen · sweet peppers · buttocks · infertility · postpartum fat, such as health, as well as health will be greatly adversely affected, It is very important to keep it.

In the skeleton / pelvic distortion, the state of the deep muscles supporting the bone is greatly influenced, the biased posture and the same motion are repeated, the behavior in daily life and occupation is imbalanced in the deep muscles so that the skeleton / pelvis In order to maximize the corrective effect, in order to maximize the corrective effect to eliminate muscle stiffness in the deep part of the part related to distortion of the pelvis, balance the balance, pelvic correction using a combination of stretching and correction techniques I will give you.

A specific example of the effect of pelvic correction is as follows.

· Correction of pelvic distortion (inclination)
· Clothes (waist) can afford after treatment
· Style and posture improved beautifully
Postpartum pelvic correction
※ Postpartum pelvic correction is possible after birth and secretions after birth have stopped. It is ideal that you receive postpartum pelvic correction within 6 months after childbirth.
· O leg correction
· X leg correction
Relaxation of menstrual pain
· Support effect of infertility treatment (Many pregnant fruits present)
Relaxation of coldness
· Correction of foot length
· Relaxation of low back pain etc
(There are individual differences in treatment effect ※)

In pelvic correction, correction of the pelvic distortion (inclination) is the main treatment purpose.
Correction of the condition such as pelvic opening and overtightening is also basically adjusted by correcting the anteroposterior, lateral left and right inclination of the pelvis.

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