Education for pelvis realignment

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The program for International certification of pelvis realignment therapist.

※This training program is open to only female students.

Train the techniques to comprehensively and effectively realign the distorted pelvic bone by conducting the total realignment of back bone, pelvic joint, lower limb and knee joint.

The pelvis realignment techniques we train in our school is focused on not just pelvis but also treating the back bone, pelvic joint, lower limb and knee joint where they have direct effect on the distortion of the pelvis. Therefore, we correct the pelvis back to the right position by comprehensively performing the realignment on back bone, pelvis, pelvic joint, knee joint and lower limb in order to have durability of the realignment effect as well as to gain the maximize effect.

For the women, it is very important for your health as well as your beauty to keep your pelvis in healthy condition. If you have a `distorted pelvis, it causes problems such as bad circulation, menstrual pain, constipation, lower body fattening, swelling, sagged buttocks, infertility, and postpartum weight gaining.

The distorted skeletal structure and/or pelvis are mainly caused by the condition of the muscles supporting the bones. If you stay in a uncomfortable position or repeating the same movement at work or daily life, it causes the unbalance to deep side of your muscles resulting distortion on your skeletal structure and pelvis in all angles. Therefore in order to maximize the effects of pelvis realignment, we relax the deep muscle tissue which is related to pelvis distortion, restore the balance and perform the treatment of the combination of stretch and alignment.

Following are the examples of actual effective area of pelvis realignment.

・Correct the distorted (angled) pelvis
・Slimmer (waist) body after the treatment
・Gain better body shape and better posture.
・Postpartum pelvis realignment

Postpartum pelvis realignment can be done after bleeding and fluid discharge stop. Best effects can be expected when this treatment has been done within 6 months of baby birth.

・Realignment of bow legs
・Realignment of X-legs
・Improve menstrual pain
・Supportive effect on infertility treatment (many successfull cases)
・Improve poor circulation
・Adjustment of uneven leg length
・Improve lower back pain, etc.
(* Please note that the outcomes of this treatment varies from person to person)

The main focus of the pelvis realignment treatment is to correct the distorted pelvic bone.
Using our techniques, we correct the alignment of the pelvic bone which is either too open or too tight by correcting the angle of the bone position.

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