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Introduction of “心月女性整体師養成学院” which provides this educational program

Hidetsugu Izuo

Lecturer of Japanese Small Face Correction Education Program

心月女性整体師養成学院 Academy president
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心月整体院 The director(Female only salon)
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■ Salon management and practical experience
· 2001 – current
· Four women salons run for women only

■Trainer training history
· 2003 ~ present
· Generate over 100 female teachers
· Opened two female teacher training schools

March 2001 »Salon opening (Tsukishigetsu Gakuin)

March 2002 »China National Dalian Medical University Japan College Jurisdiction Certified

August – October 2002
China National University of Dalian Medical University Japan School Seminar
Shoulder inflammation, lumbago, sciatica, ear acupuncture point, foot reflex therapy completion
Completion of lymphatic manipulation
Completion of slimming beauty care body

February 2003 »
China National Dalian Medical University Nihon school Nara prefecture certification acquisition acquirement organizer training started

February 2003 »
Inauguration as vice president of Nara branch school in China National Dalian Medical University Nihon School

November 2003 »
Completion at the State University of Hawaii Sports Medicine Seminar

October 2003 »
Opening school for teacher training school (Kaikyo Gakuin Senchoku).

June 2004 »
Japan Physicians Training Instructor Association · Japan Certification Education Association
Acquire Secondary Teacher

October 2004 »
Japan Certification Education Association · Welfare Skills Education Society
Acquire therapist’s teacher license

December 2004 »
Japan Red Cross Society (Shizuoka branch) Creative Headquarters · Japan Physicians Teacher Training Institute
Japan Red Cross Special Membership Acquired

February 2007 »
Opening of “Kobe school” female teacher training specialized school

September 2007 »
Togetherness Monthly Hospital Kobe Treatment Institute (Female-only Salon) Hospitalization

July 2011 »
Opening of “Osaka school” female teacher training specialized school
Together monthly monthly body Osaka medical institute (female exclusive salon) opening

June 2016 »
Shingetsu Gakuin Osaka main hall (female private salon) opening

Introduction of magazines / books / DVD postings

Introduction of qualification

Introduction of video (Introduction of store department of our school)

● Let’s realize the small face correction class in cooperation with our school!
Shanghai / Guangzhou / Chengdu / Zhengzhou / Hong Kong / Taiwan / Singapore / Malaysia etc. The director will go to your area.Let’s realize a joint class with our school.Please inquire from the request page.〜We are waiting for inquiries.