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Hidetsugu Izuo

Representative of Japan Face-Slimming Realignment Therapist Certification Association
Director of Japan face-slimming alignment therapist training school
Director of Shingetsu women’s training school for body alignment therapist
Director of Shingetsu body alignment clinic (Female only salon)

Medical history: More than 20 years, multiple women only salon management
Practitioner education: More than 16 years
Media publication: Magazines for major women, books, DVDs

Introduction of the face-slimming realignment training school provider “Shingetsu women’s training school for body realignment therapist”.

Japanese female therapist training school for whole body distortion correction, small face correction, and pelvic correction. Website >>

Shingetsu body alignment clinic / Salon website >>


■ Job change
03/ 2000 >> Change job from civil servant to body realignment therapist in Osaka

Experiences of salon business management and treatment
· 2001 to present
· Operating 4 female only beauty salons

■Experiences as a body realignment therapist
· 2003 to present
· Trained over 100 female body realignment therapists
· Managing 2 training schools for female body realignment therapist

03/ 2001 >> Established salon (Shingetsu Body alignment clinic)

03/ 2003 >> Obtained a certification of the body realignment therapist from the Japanese branch of Chinese National University Dalian Medical School.

08 ~ 10/ 2002
Case study seminar at the Japanese branch of Chinese National University Dalian Medical School
Completed the training of shoulder periarthritis, back pain, ischium, pressure point of ear, foot reflex treatment.
Completed the training of lymph circulation manipulation and shape-up body slimming realignment.

Obtained certificate from Nara branch of Chinese National University Dalian Medical School,
Start the training school for body alignment therapist.

Appointed to vise president of Nara branch of Chinese National University Dalian Medical School

Complete the sports medicine seminar course at Hawaii State University

Establish the training school for body realignment therapist (Shingetsu school for body realignment)

Obtained Associate Instructor certificate from Japan Ryojutsu Practitioner Training Association/Japan Qualification Education Union

Obtained an Instructor License for therapist by Japan Qualification Education Union/Society of Welfare Skills Education

Obtained a special membership in the Japan Red Cross by Japan Red Cross (Shizuoka branch)/ Japan Ryojutsu Practitioner Training Association

Established the “Kobe branch” of the Women’s training school for body realignment therapist

Open the Kobe clinic of Shingetsu body realignment (Women only salon)

Open the “Osaka branch” of the women’s training school for body realignment
Open the Osaka clinic (women only salon) of Shingetsu body realignment

06/2016 >> Open the Osaka Main clinic (women only salon) of Shingetsu body realignment

08/2018 >> Beijing, China 一如初见 Japan face-slimming realignment Inaugurated as Dean

01/20120 >>Hong Kong School of Japan face-slimming realignment threrapist training Inaugurated as Dean

As a Japan face-slimming realignment (face-slimming osteopathy) therapist training school, we offer local business trip type classes and inbound type classes for small face correction and pelvis realignment for overseas.

Information of sited Journal/ book/ DVD

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Guidance of business trip class to realize class of small face correction in your country / area

Guidance to beauty related business person
Our school is looking for a company or academia to cooperate in the education business of face-slimming realignment therapist training in Japan

Let’s collaborate with our school and bring our face-slimming class to your location.

To the countries/ area’s such as

Regions that are looking for partners≫
Malaysia / Taiwan
Australia / New Zealand
Canada / United States of America etc

Our director will come to your school in your country/area.

We are looking forward to collaborating with you to set up collaborative courses. Please inquire of us on the “inquiry” page on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.