​​February 2020 Lecture Report ~ Osaka Japan

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■ Venue: Japan face-slimming realignment(face-slimming osteopathy) therapist training school /School in Japan
■period:From 4 to 6 on February in 2020
■ Instructor: Hidetsugu Izuo, Interpreter
■ Contents: Japan face-slimming realignment、pelvis realignment
■ Country where students live → Hong Kong
In February, I gave lessons in it for the students who were able to come to learn from Japan from Hong Kong in a Japanese academy.
(carrier of students)
Two students attending a facial and body massage at a luxury hotel in Hong Kong.

Information about business trip face-slimming realignment

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“I would like the Japanese director to perform face-slimming realignment and pelvis realignment on customers.”


Since 2018, we have received a big pile of applications for “business trip face-slimming realignment” from many overseas salons.

The Japan face-slimming realignment Training School has been accepting applications for business trip face-slimming realignment since November 2019.

The school director will go to your salon and perform the face-slimming realignment.

▼Specifically, look at the following page.

Information about receiving application for business trip small face correction


We offer textbooks for Chinese translation


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Our school can use Chinese translation textbooks when taking small face correction classes.

・simplified Chinese character
・traditional Chinese character

Two kinds of Chinese textbooks are available.

Japanese school(Osaka) classes

In Japanese Academy (Osaka), you can use Chinese translation textbooks. As a Chinese interpreter can explain the instructions of the director while taking classes, you can learn small face correction without anxiety of language.

Classes when the director of the school makes a business trip to your country / region

You can use Chinese (Simplified / Traditional) translation textbook data if you want to implement small face correction classes in your country / region in cooperation with our school.
The language of the director is only Japanese, but by arranging textbooks and translators for Chinese translation, it is possible to realize classes without language anxiety.

We will be supporting English translation textbooks as needed.

Realize small facial correction classes in your country / region

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Realizing small face correction classes in your preferred country / region

Our school (Japan / Beijing) will work with beauty companies or schools that want to introduce small face correction classes in the future in the desired country / region.

※ This school is a school dedicated to female students.

A Japanese school director will go to the desired country / region and give classes.

▼ Country / region where business trip classes are possible

Singapore / Malaysia / Taiwan ◆ Shanghai / Hangzhou / Guangzhou / Zhengzhou etc

Please contact us if you are a person at a beauty company or school who would like to implement Japanese small face correction classes in your preferred country / region.

※ There is a limit to the countries / regions where classes can be realized, so please contact us as soon as you wish. If the number of countries / regions reaches the upper limit, the reception will be closed.

If the country / region reaches the upper limit, it will be closed.

Please see the website for details of our school.

Japan face-slimming realignment (face-slimming osteopathy) therapist training school/International Certificate

Please apply / inquire from the form to apply for class realization.

Request/ Charge for sending our instructors to teach classes at your location(Education of face-slimming realignment)

Benefits of learning small face correction at our school

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The greatest merit of studying small face correction at our school is “High reproducibility of technology” that allows students who have learned to perform a small face effect treatment immediately after graduating from the school.

High reproducibility of technology

The technique of small face correction of our school is a technology pursuing effect through about 20 years of treatment experience.And the fact that we are continuing to use our customers on a daily basis, and that they are taken up by various media also shows the reliability of the technology.

In addition, in parallel with the salon, I have been pursuing learning contents to enable students to effectively use skills by themselves, while operating schools that train female practitioners for more than 15 years .

Students who have learned small face correction with our learning program of our school constructed through reliable technology and research period of about 20 years and 15 years or more for learning content to use technology effectively, As a professional to provide a high treatment effect immediately after you have taken over as a professional.

The high level of reliability of technology and learning contents is the same for learning contents of pelvic correction.

It is a valuable opportunity to learn small face correction beyond country and region.
Please, please acquire “Small face correction” of “high reproducibility of technology” that you can reproduce the technique you learned at our school firmly on your own.

If you would like to take a lecture in a region or country other than Beijing, China

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If you would like to take a lecture in a region or country other than Beijing, China

If you wish to take a business trip lesson face correction in a region or country other than Beijing, China Please fill out the application form on the lecture request page and submit it.

Lecture request

The Japanese Small Face Correcting and Development School is a school program that conducts small face correction courses locally in a form that Japanese lecturers travel overseas to make Japanese small facial corrections available overseas.

The number of business trip classes is accepted from more than 6 classes.

In addition, we accept multiple business trips regardless of periodic or irregularities.

For other details, we will discuss with you while we keep in touch.

We are looking forward to hearing from you at a beauty related school or training company in the country or region where you are interested in Japan’s facial remediation technology such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore.