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Information about business trip face-slimming realignment

“I would like the Japanese director to perform face-slimming realignment and pelvis realignment on customers.”


Since 2018, we have received a big pile of applications for “business trip face-slimming realignment” from many overseas salons.

The Japan face-slimming realignment Training School has been accepting applications for business trip face-slimming realignment since November 2019.

The school director will go to your salon and perform the face-slimming realignment.

Business trips are available in countries or regions such as China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Overview of Business Trip Operation


Hidetsugu Izuo / Director
Profile Detail Page)
・Director of Japan face-slimming alignment therapist training school
・Director of Shingetsu women’s training school for body alignment therapist
・Director of Shingetsu body alignment clinic (Female only salon)
Medical history: More than 20 years, multiple women only salon management
Practitioner education: More than 16 years

Credential certificate / Media publication(Magazines for major women, books, DVDs)


Contents of Operation
I do face-slimming realignment only to the visitor of the woman

Face-slimming realignment
We will fix the cause of swelling and sagging of your face caused by bad circulation and stress from daily fatigue, biting habit, fatigue on your eyes, bad posture such as resting your chin on your hand, and realign and improve the resulting symptoms such as enlargement of your face size, bigger check bones and distorted nose line and face.

The great advantage of this technique is a significant face-slimming effects and long lasting time of the effect compared to other face-slimming technique.

Pelvis realignment
For the women, it is very important for your health as well as your beauty to keep your pelvis in healthy condition. If you have a `distorted pelvis, it causes problems such as bad circulation, menstrual pain, constipation, lower body fattening, swelling, sagged buttocks, infertility, and postpartum weight gaining.

The distorted skeletal structure and/or pelvis are mainly caused by the condition of the muscles supporting the bones. If you stay in a uncomfortable position or repeating the same movement at work or daily life, it causes the unbalance to deep side of your muscles resulting distortion on your skeletal structure and pelvis in all angles. Therefore in order to maximize the effects of pelvis realignment, we relax the deep muscle tissue which is related to pelvis distortion, restore the balance and perform the treatment of the combination of stretch and alignment.


Visit Duration
Within 3 ~ 5 days.
※The consultation of the duration of stay is possible.

Conditions for Visit
Please make the payment and arrangement for the costs of transportation, accommodation and meals during the business trip.

Language support
The language that the director speaks is only Japanese.
Please support my language.

Detailed conditions of the fee will be decided after consultation.

How to apply
Please apply via wechat or whatsapp.

wechat ID:shin-getsu
Please scan the QR code.

whatsApp:+818040185904(Kogao School IZUO)