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Japan face-slimming realignment therapist training school – Information on the Japan Headquarters School (Osaka)

※ This training program is open only to female students.


Contents of the class

Training Course

Face-slimming realignment course
▶︎two days: one student

Face-slimming realignment course + Pelvis realignment course
▶︎three days: one student

Course Details


Hidetsugu Izuo / Director
・Director of Japan face-slimming alignment therapist training school
・Director of Shingetsu women’s training school for body alignment therapist
・Director of Shingetsu body alignment clinic (Female only salon)
Medical history: More than 20 years, multiple women only salon management
Practitioner education: More than 16 years
Media publication: Magazines for major women, books, DVDs
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▼The number of people of the class
A Japanese academy teaches by a student of 1 person..

・Students, the director of the academy, an interpreter (female), and a class cooperator (female) will give classes.

※ Classes of two or more students are also possible.


▼Class time
11: 00-19: 00 (Lunch break → 1 hour)


At the school in Japan, classes can be conducted in multiple language such as Chinese (Pekingese, Cantonese) , English, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai.


The textbooks correspond to English and Japanese and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional).


We will issue a certificate when the class is over.

・国際 小顔矯正師
・国際 骨盤矯正師
・国際 美容整体師

Guidance on how to make payment for the class fee
Please make payment for the class fee via Paypal.
Paypal is a payment service that can be safely used around the world.

▼Payment method
Please make the payment by credit card via Paypal.
※Payment via Paypal can be processed quickly and immediately on the spot.

▼Date of the class fee payment
Please make the payment on the first day of the class.

▼About the handling charge
Paypal handling charge is required separately from the class fee.
※Paypal handling charge is much cheaper than other currency exchange fees.

Payment method

First for “one who does not have a Paypal account ”

▼Please access to Paypal website and create an account (New registration: Free)

①Please inform the school director of the email address registered for your Paypal

②School director sends the class fee billing email to your Paypal email address.

③Please follow the instructions on the screen and make the payment.
※Credit card payment

Immediate settlement (Remittance within about 10 minutes)

④School director confirms the receiving of the class fee via Paypal.


Please apply directly to the desired school

The details of class days and tuition fees vary from school to school. Please contact the institution you wish to apply for directly.


Application to our School in Japan (Osaka) /Inquiry

    The school you wish to apply for
    [Apply for classes at Japan School]

    name (Required)

    are you a female? ※Our school is a school dedicated to women.
    I'm female

    The month when you want to participate in a class

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    Content of application

    ■ Confirmation of application (Required) ■
    If you do not make a mistake in the contents of your application please check it and send it

    School Locations

    adrress:4-11-1004 Asahi Plaza Umeda, Tsuruno-cho, Kita-ward Osaka-city, Osaka 530-0014, Japan
    wechat ID;shin-getsu
    Please scan our QR cord

    Route guide: JR Osaka Station ~, Osaka Metro Midosuji Umeda Station ~

    ・①JR Osaka Station〜㉟13 minutes on foot to our school
    ・⑧Midosuji Umeda Station〜㉟About 10 minutes on foot to our school

    Guidance of business trip class to realize class of small face correction in your country / area

    Guidance to beauty related business person
    Our school is looking for a company or academia to cooperate in the education business of face-slimming realignment therapist training in Japan

    Let’s collaborate with our school and bring our face-slimming class to your location.

    Regions that are looking for partners≫
    Malaysia / TaiwanHong kong / Singapore / Australia / China etc

    We are looking forward to collaborating with you to set up collaborative courses. Please inquire of us on the “inquiry” page on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.