Request/ Charge for sending our instructors to teach classes at your location(Education of face-slimming realignment)

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Requesting about sending our instructors to teach classes at your location.(Face-slimming realignment)

※This training program is open only to female students

The inquiry of the class schedule of the face-slimming realignment arrives from a student frequently.
However, the number of schools is still small.
It is desirable to increase the number of schools.
I can educate face-slimming realignment.
I am looking for collaborators for business trip classes..


【Please visit this page if you are interested in beauty education for face-slimming realignment】

Our school is looking for a company or academia to cooperate in the education business of face-slimming realignment therapist training in Japan
Let’s collaborate with our school and have classes of face-slimming realignment in your country/area.

Regions that are looking for partners≫
Malaysia / TaiwanChina / Hong kong / Singapore / Australia etc

Japan face-slimming realignment therapist training school is accepting request to send our instructor to teach classes at your desired location or area outside of Japan. In this case, currently our school director will visit the location to teach classes.

※There is a limit to the number of countries / regions where the director can offer business trip classes.

Request or consultation on joint class
Our school and your country / region
Collaborative lesson – Will not you realize lesson correcting lesson?

Form for request/inquiry for sending our instructors to teach classes at your location
Course fee for the director to go to your country / region and teach

【Course&Tuition fee】
The following amount of money is an amount of money of one class.
(Total amount of money of all the students)

Face-slimming realignment course: 2 days classes
(Tuition fee according to the currency)
・Hong Kong HKD → 23000 HKD
・Malaysia MYR → 12500 MYR
・Singapore SGD → 4000 SGD
・Taiwan TWD → 90000 TWD
・Australia AUD → 4250 AUD

Face-slimming realignment + pelvis realignment course: 3 days classes
(Tuition fee according to the currency)
・Hong Kong HKD → 35000 HKD
・Malaysia MYR → 18500 MYR
・Singapore SGD → 6000 SGD
・Taiwan TWD → 134000 TWD
・Australia AUD → 6500 AUD

【Instructions about the tuition fee】
A tuition fee mentioned above is a total amount of money of all the students. It is not a tuition fee per student.

Breakdown of expenses
Air tickets, travel fees, accommodation expenses, meals and translator’s fees, text preparation costs etc.

The textbooks correspond to Japanese, Chinese (Simplified) and Chinese (Traditional).

Director will go to your country / region and give classes.

Hidetsugu Izuo / DirectorProfile Detail Page)
・Director of Japan face-slimming alignment therapist training school
・Director of Shingetsu women’s training school for body alignment therapist
・Director of Shingetsu body alignment clinic (Female only salon)
Medical history: More than 20 years, multiple women only salon management
Practitioner education: More than 16 years

▼Credential certificate / Media publication(Magazines for major women, books, DVDs)

This is the director’s class with sufficient experience and knowledge.
This is a highly reliable technique education.


When the class is over, a certificate will be issued.

Face-slimming realignment classes
→国際 小顔矯正師 認定証

Face-slimming realignment + pelvis realignment classes
→国際 小顔矯正師 認定証
→国際 骨盤矯正師 認定証
→国際 美容整体師 認定証

Expenses and procedures borne by your company

The cost your company will pay is “tuition fees” + “overhead expenses”.

Equipment preparation, interpreter reservation, air and accommodation reservation, transportation, meals, etc.

Tuition fee

Please confirm an amount of money in an item of [Course&Tuition fee] mentioned above.


Equipment costs, aviation costs, transportation costs, accommodation costs, food costs and interpretation costs, textbook preparation costs, etc.

※Regarding expenses and procedures, we will meet in detail after applying for a business trip course.

Guidance on how to make payment for the class fee
Please make payment for the class fee via Paypal.
Paypal is a payment service that can be safely used around the world.

▼Payment method
Please make the payment by credit card via Paypal.
※Payment via Paypal can be processed quickly and immediately on the spot.

▼Date of the class fee payment
Please make the payment on the last day of the class.

▼About the handling charge
Paypal handling charge is required separately from the class fee.
※Paypal handling charge is much cheaper than other currency exchange fees.

Payment method

First for “one who does not have a Paypal account ”

▼Please access to Paypal website and create an account (New registration: Free)

①Please inform the school director of the email address registered for your Paypal

②School director sends the class fee billing email to your Paypal email address.

③Please follow the instructions on the screen and make the payment.
※Credit card payment

Immediate settlement (Remittance within about 10 minutes)

④School director confirms the receiving of the class fee via Paypal.

This training program is open only to female students

Face-slimming realignment course The outline

The theory a muscle adjustment, bones correction and skin are activated and by which they’re an acupuncture point for a small facial correction course, it’s compound, you can learn the most suitable small facial correction as technology of the female operation person who takes in, does “cancellation of the cause” and “improvement of the symptom” of a swelling of your face and a warp and shows the small facial effect to the full. The small facial effect is remarkable, and the continuation period of the effect is long-term, and safety is high, and there is also pleasure of the operation, and you can learn the technology with the very high reproduction rate of the small facial effect when Mr. learned student operated.

▽Introducing some of the techniques in video

Pelvis realignment course The outline

I have care after the style correction and the fortune which operate on a relation close to a movement of a pelvis as the location of the pelvis returns muscle in the original healthy state, and adjusts the displacement the slope of the pelvis and the framework warp and by which they’re a joint, and may become normal, learn the most suitable pelvis correction as technology of an excellent female operation person by upbringing of pelvis correction.

▽Introducing some of the techniques in video

【Equipment necessary to the class】

※When there is space where a student writes a memorandum, the class is enriched more.
※It’s trouble, but please arrange equipment by you.

Form for request/inquiry for sending our instructors to teach classes at your location
We will show you the process from how to apply until the start of the class

1 Please fill out the form below and submit it.
2 We will send a reply from our school to your company with a “Date of the Meeting”.
※Please be sure to link with either wechat or whatsapp.
3 We will meet directly and discuss details.
4 If the contents can be mutually agreed upon, the Head of the School will travel to your country and the school visit will begin.

About the Meeting

▼Method of the meeting

We will meet at Nihon Gakuin

On the day of the meeting, it is possible for you to bring textbooks and images of the treatment effect in order to confirm the theory. In addition, You will be able to receive and consider the actual treatment that corresponds to the educational content of small face corrections and pelvic corrections

※For school visits, we will conclude a contract with a company / graduate school that plans to continue regular classes over the long term.

Please use the following form in order to request sending our instructors to teach classes at your country or your area. Please fill in the required field in this form and send to us. Our responsible staff will reply to you shortly.

Form for request/inquiry for sending our instructors to teach classes at your location

★Our school accepts the message on a holiday.
※This training program is open only to female students

Name (school name / company name) (required)

E-mail address (required)

Wechat ID


Please tell me the details of your business

The country you are inviting our director too.

The city you are inviting our director.

Requesting classes *select
Face-slimming realignment course: 2 days classesFace-slimming realignment + pelvis realignment course: 3 days classes

The number of the students *select
Less than 10 studentsRequest for 10 or more students

Class frequency: Once a month, once every two months, etc.

Desired date for meeting(※meeting place→Meet at Japan school)

What month are you planning to start classes?

Contents of request / inquiry

■Confirmation of request / inquiry contents (required)■
 If you do not make a mistake in the contents of the request / inquiry please send a check with a check.

Notice.Please confirm a reply email.

The director sends a reply email by all means.
The director sends an email as much as possible within 24 hours.
When you cannot confirm the reception of the email, it may be in the unwanted e-mail folder.
Sorry for your inconvenience, but please confirm it.

When you do not receive it in an unwanted e-mail folder

Sorry for your inconvenience, but please send it in wechat, whatsapp.

※This training program is open only to female students.

A reply email will be sent within one day after sending from the email form below.If you do not receive a reply email after 2 days, please apply from [wechat].

wechat ID:shin-getsu
Please scan the QR code.

LINE ID:shingetsu
Please scan the QR code.


whatsApp:+818040185904(Kogao School IZUO)

※Emails may not arrive due to language differences.

※Please directly inquire to the school at your desirable location listed on the website (either school in Japan or in Beijing) regarding the admittance procedure for the school.

Our School in Japan (Osaka)
adrress:4-11asahipurazaumeda1004, Tsurunocho, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 530-0014, Japan

Route guide: JR Osaka Station ~, Osaka Metro Midosuji Umeda Station ~
・①JR Osaka Station〜㉟13 minutes on foot to our school
・⑧Midosuji Umeda Station〜㉟About 10 minutes on foot to our school

Regarding application / inquiries concerning participation to the educational program, sorry for your inconvenience but please contact “Japanese Headquarters School” or “Hong Kong School” or “Beijing School” directly on the training course page.

Information about business trip small face correction

“I would like the Japanese director to perform small face correction and pelvic correction on customers.”

Since 2018, we have received a big pile of applications for “business trip small face correction” from many overseas salons.

The Japan Small Face Orthopaedist Training School has been accepting applications for business trip small face correction since November 2019.

▼The details look at this

Information about receiving application for business trip small face correction