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Request for collaborative lessons / consultation

Request or consultation on joint class

Our school and your country / region
Collaborative lesson – Will not you realize lesson correcting lesson?

Course fee for the director to go to your country / region and teach

▶︎ Small face correction course400,000 yenOther expenses
・2 days of class+2 days flight


▶︎ Small face correction course course500,000 yenOther expenses
・3days of class+2 days flight


【Breakdown of expenses】 Aviation costs、Transportation cost、Accommodation fees、Food expenses、Interpretation fee、Text preparation cost etc

※This fee is for classes with 10 or fewer students.

For applications for business trips by country or region, please fill out the necessary information on the form below and submit it. Later, we will reply from the person in charge.

Request for business trip / consultation form

■Confirmation of request / inquiry contents (required)■
 If you do not make a mistake in the contents of the request / inquiry please send a check with a check.

Please request / consult from the message app

wechat ID:shingetsu-sub
Please read the QR code

whatsApp:+817044707051(Kogao Aacademy)

▼ Copy and paste the contents below into a message. Please fill in the required items and send.

Title: Business Trip Class Request / Consultation

Name (School name / company name) (Required)

A country where you want the director to come

A city where I want the director to come

Preferred class ※ Select
1 small face correction
2 small face correction + pelvic correction

Number of students ※ Choice
① Less than 10 people
② 10 or more

Contents of request / inquiry

※Our educational program is a beauty training program for female students.
※Regarding application / inquiries concerning participation to the educational program, sorry for your inconvenience but please contact “Japanese Headquarters Academy” or “Beijing Academy” directly on the training course page.

● Let’s realize the small face correction class in cooperation with our school!
Shanghai / Guangzhou / Chengdu / Zhengzhou / Hong Kong / Taiwan / Singapore / Malaysia etc. The director will go to your area.Let’s realize a joint class with our school.Please inquire from the request page.〜We are waiting for inquiries.