Japan face-slimming realignment (face-slimming osteopathy) therapist training school/International Certificate

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Japan face-slimming realignment (face-slimming osteopathy) therapist training school/International Certificate / Hong Kong / Osaka

This is an official school website for the people both in Japan and outside of Japan to learn Japanese face-slimming realignment and to receive a International Certificate for face-slimming realignment therapist.

We send Japanese instructors anywhere including domestic and outside of Japan to teach the students as an accelerated intense course format.

We highly recommend to the ladies who are interested in admission to our Japan face-slimming realignment training school/International Certificate to visit our website as we have additional detailed information about our school curriculum.

If you are a person in charge of therapist training and are interested in our courses of Japanese face-slimming realignment therapy, please visit our site for more details.

※ Our school is designated for female only. Our school program is design to educate female students.


Academy under training

Information on Japan face-slimming realignment (face-slimming osteopathy) therapist training school


Hong Kong School Canada School Japan Headquarters School


Guidance of business trip class to realize class of small face correction in your country / area

Guidance to beauty related business person
Our school is looking for a company or academia to cooperate in the education business of face-slimming realignment therapist training in Japan

Let’s collaborate with our school and have the classes of face-slimming realignment (face-slimming osteopathy) at your location.

▼We are looking forward to receiving applications from companies / academies looking for a Japanese instructor with face-slimming realignment.

Regions that are looking for partners≫
Australia / New Zealand
Netherland / Austria etc
Canada / United States of America etc

Our director will come to your school in your country/area.

We are looking forward to collaborating with you to set up collaborative courses. Please inquire of us on the “inquiry” page on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.

▼Request / consultation

※ There is a limit to the number of countries / regions where the director can make business trips. Please contact us as soon as you wish.


Course to educate Face-slimming realignment (face-slimming osteopathy)

We will teach students our cutting edge technique’s of face-slimming realignment which can carry out five factors which are essential for the effective face-slimming (face-slimming effect, durability of the effect, comfortable adjustment, solid safety, reproduction by students) in a higher level.

Fostering small facial correction


Course to educate the pelvis realignment

Teach the techniques to comprehensively realign (correct the distortion of) the shape of the backbone, hip joint, and knee joint for ultimately realigning the pelvis distortion effectively.

Fostering pelvic correction


Program provider profile
Introducing the profile of program provider,「Shingetsu Women’s Training School for body alignment therapist.& Media coverage



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