October 2019 Lecture Report ~ Osaka Japan

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October 2019 Lecture Report

■ Venue: Japan face-slimming realignment(face-slimming osteopathy) therapist training school /School in Japan
■period:From 9 to 11 on October in 2019
■ Instructor: Hidetsugu Izuo, Interpreter
■ Contents: Japan face-slimming realignment、pelvis realignment
■ Country where students live → Hong Kong
In October, I gave lessons in it for the students who were able to come to learn from Japan from Hong Kong in a Japanese academy.
(carrier of students)
The staff technical guidance manager of 20 2 beauty treatment salon stores per 1 store in the center of commerce of Hong Kong.
He/she came to learn from our academy to introduce small face correction and a pelvic correction menu in a salon.