Benefits of learning small face correction at our school

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The greatest merit of studying small face correction at our school is “High reproducibility of technology” that allows students who have learned to perform a small face effect treatment immediately after graduating from the school.

High reproducibility of technology

The technique of small face correction of our school is a technology pursuing effect through about 20 years of treatment experience.And the fact that we are continuing to use our customers on a daily basis, and that they are taken up by various media also shows the reliability of the technology.

In addition, in parallel with the salon, I have been pursuing learning contents to enable students to effectively use skills by themselves, while operating schools that train female practitioners for more than 15 years .

Students who have learned small face correction with our learning program of our school constructed through reliable technology and research period of about 20 years and 15 years or more for learning content to use technology effectively, As a professional to provide a high treatment effect immediately after you have taken over as a professional.

The high level of reliability of technology and learning contents is the same for learning contents of pelvic correction.

It is a valuable opportunity to learn small face correction beyond country and region.
Please, please acquire “Small face correction” of “high reproducibility of technology” that you can reproduce the technique you learned at our school firmly on your own.