Class of October 2024 Taiwan School Enrollment Now Accepting Applications

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Class of October 2024 Taiwan School Enrollment Now Accepting Applications

日本小顔矯正師認定協会 登録第6772710号

藍震有限公司(Taiwan School) is accredited by the Japan Face-Slimming Realignment Therapist Certification Association, of which Hidetsugu Izuo, the school director, is a representative, and the association issues certificates to our students.

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Class contents
October 26 to October 28, 2024

​​【Lecturer】Hidetsugu Izuo / Director

Hidetsugu Izuo / Director
・Representative of Japan Face-Slimming Realignment Therapist Certification Association
・Director of Japan face-slimming alignment therapist training school
・Director of Shingetsu women’s training school for body alignment therapist
・Director of Shingetsu body alignment clinic (Female only salon)
Medical history: More than 20 years, multiple women only salon management
Practitioner education: More than 16 years
Media publication: Magazines for major women, books, DVDs
Profile Detail Page

​​・Face-slimming realignment
・Pelvis realignment

Face-slimming realignment course The outline

The Face-slimming realignment Course is. You can learn the best small face correction as a technique for female practitioners to “release the cause” of swelling and distortion of the face and “improve the symptoms” to fully demonstrate the small face effect. The small face effect is remarkable, the duration of the effect is long-lasting, the safety is high, the surgery is fun, and students who have learned the technique can master the technique with a very high reproduction rate of the small face effect when they operate.

Pelvis realignment course The outline

I have care after the style correction and the fortune which operate on a relation close to a movement of a pelvis as the location of the pelvis returns muscle in the original healthy state, and adjusts the displacement the slope of the pelvis and the framework warp and by which they’re a joint, and may become normal, learn the most suitable pelvis correction as technology of an excellent female operation person by upbringing of pelvis correction.

The number of classes
The number of classes is different for each schools.
For further information, please contact Taiwan school directly.

Language of textbooks
Chinese restriction (Traditional Chinese)

Although the director is Japanese there are interpreter.

When the class is over, a certificate will be issued.

・国際 小顔矯正師 認定証
・国際 骨盤矯正師 認定証
・国際 美容整体師 認定証

The Taiwan School(藍震有限公司) is an association-accredited school where students can obtain certifications issued by the Japan Face-Slimming Realignment Therapist Certification Association.

The trademark of this association “Japan Face-Slimming Realignment Therapist Certification Association” is a registered trademark in Japan. (English translation: Japan Face-Slimming Realignment Therapist Certification Association)
日本小顔矯正師認定協会 登録第6772710号

▼English translation
Japan Face-Slimming Realignment Therapist Certification Association
Registered trademark No. 6772710

Japan Face-Slimming Realignment Therapist Certification Association


​​Tuition fees :Please contact our Taiwan school directly.

Taiwan School dedicated application phone number
​​▶ Taiwan School reception desk:藍震有限公司
▶​​ phone number:+886 0903725958
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​​▶ website:
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Method to propose by an email
​​①Please click a transmission button in inputting a matter necessary for an application form below.
​​②The reception desk person in charge of the Taiwan academy contacts email or wechat.

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    The location of a place teaching

    10457 台湾 Taipei City, Zhongshan District, Section 2, Nanjing E Rd, 11號3F


    Guidance of business trip class to realize class of small face correction in your country / area
     Guidance to beauty related business person
    Our school is looking for a company or academia to cooperate in the education business of face-slimming realignment therapist training in Japan
    ・We are looking forward to collaborating with you to set up collaborative courses.

    Regions that are looking for partners≫
    United States of America
    Los Angeles / San Francisco
    Canada Vancouver
    Taiwan Tainan
    Malaysia / Australia etc

    ▼Please inquire of us on the “inquiry” page on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.