Education of customer service manner

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Educate Japanese salon customer service manner

※This program is a beauty training program for women students.

Foster basic customer service manner of hospitable country “Japan”.

As a reference for customer service etiquette, we will conduct basic classes of customer service manner in Japan.

We will inform you of grooming that does not give you discomfort, living behaviors, customer service manner along the flow of the salon.

Customer service manner is an important factor influencing the satisfaction level of salon on the day of visit and the good impression of the salon that remains as memory after the store visit as well as the treatment technique.

If there is content that makes you feel attractive in the hospitality manner in Japan, please add it to your hospitality manners.

● Let’s realize the small face correction class in cooperation with our school!
Shanghai / Guangzhou / Chengdu / Zhengzhou / Hong Kong / Taiwan / Singapore / Malaysia etc. The director will go to your area.Let’s realize a joint class with our school.Please inquire from the request page.〜We are waiting for inquiries.