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How to attend the Japanese Small Face correction school

Please confirm the method of attendance by the number of people attending.

■1 to 5 people

Sorry for your inconvenience but please apply directly to the following school hosts.

一如初见 科技有限公司(中国北京)

No.3 Bld, No.10 Courtyard, Ronghua South Rd,

BDA, Beijing, P.R. China 100176

Phone:+86 400 850 8867

Registration form


■ Confirmation of application (Required) ■
If you do not make a mistake in the contents of your application please check it and send it

■6 people or more

(Held once, held regularly)

Apply to the above school (Ichinobu Hatsumi), or,

We will hold a school in your desired area (country).

If you wish to organize a school in your desired area (country), please apply from “Request for training” page.

●本校可出差讲习的地区及国家(2019年现在) 香港★台湾★新加坡★中国北京市以外的城市 〜等待您的咨询

● Regions and countries where this school can provide business trip lectures (as of 2019) Cities other than Hong Kong,★Taiwan★Singapore★China’s Beijing city 〜We are waiting for inquiries.