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Beijing School in China

※Our school program is to train only female students.
If you would like to receive our training in China, please contact school below directly.

Contents of the class〜Beijing school
・Face-slimming realignment
・Pelvis realignment
・Other school programs

▼The number of classes
The number of classes is different for each schools.
For further information, please contact Beijing school directly.

▼Language of textbooks
Chinese restriction

Although the director is Japanese there are interpreter.

When the class is over, a certificate will be issued.

・小顔矯正師 認定証
・骨盤矯正師 認定証
・美容整体師 認定証

▼Tuition fees
Please inquire directly to Beijing school.

Beijing school

一如初见 科技有限公司
No.3 Bld, No.10 Courtyard, Ronghua South Rd,
BDA, Beijing, P.R. China 100176




Application / Consultation for Attending Peking Gakuin

■ Confirmation of application (Required) ■
If you do not make a mistake in the contents of your application please check it and send it